Your Top Five Direct Marketing Issues

Do you know your greatest marketing issue? What do your peers usually talk about as their biggest marketing concerns? And if possible, would you not prefer to know what your competitors think works for them? By surveying marketers who have had these questions, we can get some answers that will broaden the scope of our thinking. The Top Five Problems:

  1. Finding new customers and being able to re-engage with old customers.
  2. The relentless competitive pressure and how it holds us back from breaking out.
  3. Too many channel choices leads to uncertainty regarding what we should use.
  4. Marketing does not deliver in the way it used to.
  5. Limited profitability.

The Five Most Satisfactory Channels:

  1. Email
  2. Landing pages on websites.
  3. Facebook
  4. Video
  5. Direct Mail


Through my own analysis, I present nuggets of information:

  1. The two problems of finding customers and channel choices are linked with each other. By only using a certain type of channel, you are limiting profitability and the ability to reach new people. Channel choices are always growing and this can be difficult to manage, but it is important for companies to stay on top of the latest trends. By venturing out into new channels, you can find customers that were previously ignored.

Now let us attempt to overlay these issues with the most satisfactory channels.

– Marketers are mostly satisfied with how email marketing produces results. If your email marketing is successful, perhaps you need to be more aggressive in completing A/B testing for new approaches. Do not underestimate the importance of a proper landing page in this matter.

– Try A/B testing the video on the website’s landing page. Evaluate how it impacts conversion. It is also possible to use a longer video as a sales letter. Videos usually lead to a better understanding for potential customers.

– Facebook remarketing is also extremely popular. Promoted posts also help, along with engaging with followers and delivering meaningful content on social media.

2. Competitive pressure and the lack of delivery from existing marketing techniques is often linked. By taking another look at how you are positioning your product or company, you can find new ways to break away from competitors. Competitive analysis also helps in this matter. Do not forget to research the competition and see how they are evolving their marketing strategy.


If you are experiencing low profitability, it is time to find cheaper marketing strategies that produce real results. In addition, you may want to streamline channels that work but are too expensive, such as direct mail. Often the cheapest strategies, such as Facebook, email and website landing pages, require constant updates and new content in order to engage customers.

When there is low profitability, invest in low cost channels or improve the production and creativity on existing channels that are doing well, such as direct mail, Facebook and emails.



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