The heart chakra buying a home (part 1)

By Jacqueline Richards

The old saying, “Home is where the heart is,” expresses the fact that a person’s true home is found in the people that they love.

But we also require a physical location, a place where much of our life, especially our private life, will center upon.

The heart chakra is the “home” center point of a person’s energy wheel, uniting the physical and spiritual energy circuits.

When this chakra is out of balance, when the body and spirit are either connecting poorly or are at war with each other, it becomes very difficult to find a comfortable location, whether physical or emotional.

Bringing the heart chakra into balance makes the difficult job of purchasing a home, especially a first home, a simpler and more successful process.

A home buyer in Ottawa faces many tough decisions—some of which will be a competition between the needs of the mind/spirit and the body. It is a rare person who has the budget to buy a home without making a single compromise.

Typically, people find that they have to make several compromises during the process of purchasing their home.

Most of us really dislike compromise, which is why a properly balanced heart chakra is so important when making the decisions that will result in the single biggest purchase of a lifetime.

If this chakra is overrun by the physical chakras, then financial prudence can fly out the window.

The desire for more space, luxury, a beautiful location, and the childish impulsivity that says, “I don’t care, I want what I want!” can create future financial disaster, even leading to the loss of the home.

On the other hand, if the mind and spirit have the upper hand, then financial miserliness and disregard for the needs of the body may be so strong that it is almost impossible to create a “home” within the dwelling.

A truly unpleasant physical location, a tiny, badly designed kitchen for someone who centers much of his life through cooking for family and friends, a commute that takes hours each way, or no possibility of even the smallest garden for an avid gardener.

These decisions can result in the physical self-acting out through rebellious spending on expensive items that comfort the senses such as restaurants, alcohol, unnecessary clothing, top-end vacations, etc.

Two yoga postures (asanas) that expand and elevate the heart open an individual to the sense of love and security that banishes fear and creates a loving home—one that is financially balanced.

The gentle twist of the Half Spinal Twist and the stretch of the Crescent Moon open the flow of the heart chakra and bring the mind and body into balance. A proper ratio of mind and body working together will help to ensure the right home in the right location.

The basics of short and long term financial planning will be covered in Part 2 of this article.

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