Overhead Clearance

All power lines are dangerous and could deliver a serious or fatal shock to anyone who gets too close.  The power lines mounted at the top of hydro poles are not insulated.

This makes it much easier for someone in the vicinity of these wires to receive a shock resulting in injury or even death.  You do not need to be touching an electric wire to be electrocuted.  Electricity can arc through the air to you, or a tool you are holding, and deliver a potentially fatal shock.

To ensure your safety, always remain at a safe distance from power lines.  The minimum safe distance from overhead power lines varies depending on a line’s voltage:

If you are working with tools, such as ladders or tree clippers, keep them a safe distance from overhead power lines.  Similarly, ensure that children to not play with aerial toys, such as kites, near overhead power lines.

To ensure your safety, familiarize yourself with the location and voltage of the power lines around your home.

Almost any type of material has the potential to conduct electricity in varying degrees.  Always take the assumption that an object in contact with or near an overhead power line is electrically charged.  When dealing with objects in contact with power lines, contact your local Hydro of the city you live in for assistance, and always remain at a safe distance from overhead power lines and the objects in contact with them.

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