Fall safety tips!

It’s time to get comfortable and cozy indoors.  While this fall may be different than usual, keeping you safe remains our top priority-stay protected with these important tips.

Safety is having Peace of Mind

Now is a good time to protect your home from harmful CO by having your gas-burning equipment inspected annually by a TSSA registered heating contractor to ensure it’s ready for the colder winter weather.

Recognize the difference

The smell of Natural Gas leaks has a Sulphur-like odour. If you smell rotten eggs, use your legs! Get outside fast and call your Gas supplier from a safe distance.

CO Alarms do not detect natural gas but they do detect silent, odourless carbon monoxide.  Install CO alarms in your home and when you hear the beep, be sure to respond accordingly.

If you smell rotten eggs, leave the area immediately and take others with you.  Act fast and don’t delay! Once you’re a safe distance away, call your Gas emergency number to report the suspected leak.

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