Get winter tire-ready today

It’s time to get a Seasonal Check for your vehicle to make sure it is winter ready.  Here are some helpful tips to winterize your vehicle.

Windshield Washer Fluid – Make sure your windshield washer fluid is topped up to prevent build-up of the elements and ensure visibility.  Keep a jug of windshield washer fluid in your car for emergency.

Wiper Blades – Streaking, smearing, squeaking and split rubber are sure signs that it’s time to replace your wiper blades.  It’s recommended to replace wiper blades once a year.  Do your best to replace the blades with the genuine wiper blade for your vehicle to ensure best fit for your windshield.

Headlights & Bulbs – Check for fully functional headlights and taillights to ensure you have clear visibility on the road, and that surrounding traffic sees you, now that the nights are getting longer.

Snow Brush & Ice Scraper – It’s important to always have a snow brush and ice scraper on hand to remove any snow and ice on your vehicle that may obstruct your vision.  You may want to have two so you can get a friend to help.

Winter Tires – Choose the right tires for the cold weather ahead.  Your retailer can help you find the right tires designed specifically for your vehicle.

FYI – The difference a Winter Tire makes; Below 7 °C, summer and all-season tires no longer provide the same safety or performance as winter tires.  Winter tires are designed to perform in the cold, ensuring better traction and reduced stopping distance in snow and ice.

Remember…’So much is riding on your tires.”

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