Upset Customers and Dealing With Them

It does happen to the best of us. At some point in time we have to deal with upset customers. Learn to diffuse the situation. Here are some tips.

  1. Stay calm. Learn to diffuse the situation. Don’t add gasoline to the fire.
  2. Point of view. See things from the others’ perspective
  3. Give thanks. Thank the customer in a sincere way for bringing up issues
  4. Just listen.Sometimes the customer just wants to vent
  5. Ask questions. Don’t’ be quick to respond. Formulate your answer with all the facts.
  6. Common ground. Find things you can agree with to diffuse the situation.
  7. Conflict or problem resolution. Always be in a solution oriented mode.
  8. Be genuine.Don’t just cite policy. Show your personality and empathy.
  9. Be Confident. Be firm and understanding
  10. Move it up the ladder. Sometimes having another state the obvious is helpful. As a last resort ask your manager of a higher up.





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