10 Actions You Can Take Right Now

  1. Gauging Interest – Call your credit card company right now to request a reduced interest rate. If that fails, find another bank ASAP to find a lower-rate card that accepts balance transfers and is business oriented.
  1. Get Involved – Business owners win customers (and their loyalty) by showing civic responsibility and generosity. Volunteer or donate to a local charity or non-profit today… and do so repeatedly.  Better yet, make it a part of your business that part of each sale goes to a charity of your choice.
  1. Tee It Up – Before you shut down for the night, take a few minutes in quite reflection. Identify a challenging goal, its benefits, the chief obstacle and an action for overcoming the obstacle.
  1. Map Your Success – Clear some time on your calendar today to create a specific, personalized formula to attain your sales targets for 2020.
  1. Mind Bending – Starting today and everyday going forward, write out 10 goals in present tense, as though you’ve already accomplished them. This will program your goals deeply into your subconscious, priming you for achievement.
  1. Make a Sandwich – Start with something positive, then note an area needing improvement, and then state another positive.
  1. Get Inspired/Be Inspired – Motivational quotes can help you through tough times. Find one or better yet, find a few, print them out and post them in a prominent place such as your work desk or bathroom mirror.  You may also want to share them with your colleagues.
  1. Savings Plan – Become more disciplined about your spending, no time like the present. Write down 5 “extras” you can skip (pedicures, manicures, lattes, dining out regularly, etc.) then save the cash.
  1. Ask for Feedback – When you want to get better at something, nothing beats a review. Get some honest feedback convince your business coach that you value their opinion and that they won’t suffer repercussions.  Now the rest is up to you, act on that assessment immediately.
  1. Give Yourself a Break – Work in focused bursts interspersed with short periods of downtime. This will boost your productivity each day.  Be sure to set a timer so you’re disciplined about taking the breaks.

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