Make Your Marketing Messages Worthy of Your Prospects’ Time.

Given the seriousness of our circumstances, we all have less patience for marketing messages that seem frivolous or unnecessary.

In other words, attention is even more valuable, so you’d better be sure that your messaging is worth the time you’re asking your prospects to invest. Here are a few ways you can help your prospects see why it’s worth it to engage with you.

Trust and Value 

Gain trust and attention by offering help in your marketing messages. What advice can you offer your prospects that they will find value in? What questions do you know prospects are asking as they begin their buying journey? What questions are they asking later in the process?

Those are the questions you need to answer. The trick is in answering them not only in a way that helps prospects solve their business problems, but also in a way that positions you as an expert and helps engender trust.  Create content that matters and resonates, and you will connect with your desired decision makers.

Become a Connection Bridge

Beyond the connection you want to make with your prospects, you can also make connections for your prospects. Are there colleagues you work with you can stand behind that will make your prospects’ business lives better? Make the connection and you’ll have a happy prospect and a happy colleague. It can be a great way to remain top of mind with prospects as you nurture them over time.

Demonstrate Through Your Marketing Messages

Create opportunities to demonstrate that you have the experience and expertise to make a difference in their business. Case studies and testimonials are great, as are interviews and presentation with clients who you have helped succeed.

Provide value in your marketing messages and they will be greeted warmly more often, and your prospects’ doors will more frequently be open.

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