Three Tactics to Get Return Visitors

Conversion rate is something that many businesses take very seriously. It is also considered by many experts as the most important of the KPIs. When users convert at a higher rate, this has a bearing on how many sales you are getting from the generated leads.

Many people do not know that a majority of users do not have a conversion on their first visit to a website. When someone visits your site for the first time, they are simply doing research. It gives them an idea of your company’s style, quality and products.

This is important to note for ecommerce retailers. For example, if a customer wants a jacket for the winter months, they will do plenty of research before they decide on a type of jacket and a company to buy from. They look at prices, styles and the available brand qualities.

Even for B2Bs, where lead generation often leads to conversion, customers will go through many sites before they ask for a quote or engage you.

Even if you are not in the retail industry, it is important to get repeat visitors because these are the people who are probably doing the buying on your site. If you cannot get people back on your site, you are missing out on repeat business. So how can you ensure more conversions? How can you encourage potential customers to return to a site they visited a few hours or days ago?

  1. Email Marketing

While digital marketing is a new industry in general, email marketing has been a part of online marketing for a long time. If you are creating an approach to help get people back on your site, email marketing will play an important role. Proper email marketing leads to more conversions.

Every site that is trying to sell a product or service must have a way for customers to enter their email details so they can get on a mailing list. Whether this is for sending promotions, discounts, weekly newsletters or specific information, the email list is crucial to your online business success. Emails are a great way to maintain a relationship with users and get them to visit your site in the future.

When creating the email campaign, you have to think about what the user wants, not what your company needs. Are users going to be happy if you are inundating them with emails every day or two? They will probably unsubscribe from your list if this starts happening. Give them accurate, valuable and interesting content on a weekly basis and they will visit your site to learn more about your products and services.

There are many best practices for sending emails, such as having larger text, nice images, calls to action and simple messages readers can understand.


  1. Standard Remarketing

The best way to use digital marketing is to employ the tactic of Google’s remarketing advertisements. These standard remarketing advertisements ensure that potential customers that have engaged you in some way will be presented with similar or the same content in the future on other websites.

When the user engages with the advertisement, they come back to your site. This ensures that you are an immediately recognizable brand for this user when they are thinking about specific types of products and services. It reminds the user of why they were interested in coming to your site in the first place.

The best thing about remarketing is that it does not cost a lot of money. Remarketing ads on Google are done through a cost-per-click basis. This means that you only pay when someone clicks the ad, which can help you determine whether a particular add is cost-effective or not based on the monetary worth of getting a sale.

  1. Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

Google also offers us remarketing lists for search ads, or RSLAs. These target users who have already gone on your site at least one time. But the RSLA happens when they visit Google to search for something, not when they are on other related sites. This makes them a high priority user, because they are interested in your content and already came to your site in the past.

Seeing the advertisement while they are searching a related topic will make the user think about your company again, which could lead them to visit your site a second time and potentially buy your products. It is very important for companies to not miss out on such customers, because they are possibly easier to convert than other leads.

As we mentioned earlier, users will visit many sites as they research products. If they came on your site one time, but continue to research other sites, it is good to keep reminding them that your site exists. If they are nearing the end of their search cycle and they see your ad, going on your site again could be the push they need to make a buying decision.

Return Visitors Equal Conversions

If someone has visited your site on a number of occasions, they are probably leaning towards buying something from you. In contrast, someone who comes on the site one time might have been intrigued, but they probably did not find anything that was relevant to their search. By using best practices and effective marketing techniques, you can make the most of these repeat visitors and convert them into customers.


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