The NAqC project progress:

It has taken just over four years, so far, and we still continue to make progress.

Ottawa Capital Magazine

A digital website from the Ottawa Capital Magazine published recently. That organization will send this digitally to over 7000 recipients plus print many hardcopy versions and place them around Ottawa in hotels and other venues.

Online magazine:

Article on capitalmag.ca

We are now in the position of having an MOU from NCC, from the Executive Director Real Estate, for 29 acres of land adjacent to and on the north side of the Hurdman Rd LRT station. We estimate that our footprint will be to use about 12 to 13 acres of the land and we will sublease it to other sports activities.

We have already been approached for four acres, and then look at developing the rest in a mix of condos, residence, hotel, student lodgings and shopping centre. These other developments will contribute to the costs for the aquatic project to be built. NCC, of course, would not sell the land they are giving us the option of a lease for 49 years.


As you may be aware we have a very nice website created by Isabelle Lemay and a logo created by graphic artist, Eileen Murphy. This website can be visited at


We have also been exceedingly fortunate in having video created recently by Charlie Pinkerton and Kathleen Murphy. In addition to this video, one of our Governors, Carolyn Waldo who is many times an Olympic Athlete and an Officer of the “Order of Canada”, narrated the video on our behalf. Carolyn was aslo a former sportscaster for CTV Ottawa television.

We are very proud to say that our NAqC video is ready for publishing! Please have a look at the video at this URL.

Next Steps

Complete the seed funding that will launch us into the formal development stages including the ‘feasibility’, ‘engineering’ and ‘architectural’ work.

Peter John Lawrence

Life Time Aquatic Sports Award 2018.

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