Keeping your home flood free

After the winter we have had, this year’s spring thaw may be a big one, so you better get prepared for it.

With over 170 centimeters of snow fall this January and February 2019. That’s double our average amount of snowfall. I’m sure you’ve hear by now through Social Media or other vices that Ottawa has been giving a recognition by Environment Canada and that is not something to be proud of except for how we managed it and that is the “Gold Star’ award for most miserable winter.

Trust me when I tell you, all that snow is going to melt and guess what? It has to go somewhere. Use these to protect your home from excess water due to snow and ice melt.

Outside Your Home

  1. Clear Ice and Snow Away from Your Home. Any snow packed up against the side of your house or covering your drains will seep right into the ground around your foundation.

Reduce the risk of meltwater entering your basement by shoveling snow out and away from these areas. It’s recommend doing at least 3 feet around your house.

  1. Check the Grading Around Your Home. While this is something that most yards already have, the freeze-thaw cycle can impact the ground on your property. You should make sure that any excess water from snow piles will naturally flow away from your home thanks to the slope of your yard.

If your yard isn’t graded so water will flow away from your basement, you may have to look into grading your lawn by adding more top soil and raking it into your low points. Speak to your landscaping professional for more information.

  1. Clear Gutters and Downspouts. Your gutters may not be catching leaves as they would during the fall however, ice and snow will build up during the winter.

Tip: If your street drain (usually a metal grille or disc with holes in it) is blocked by ice and snow, you may clean it off. When blocked, you’ll quickly get large puddles, and that water may slowly make its way towards your foundation should your home be close to the street.

  1. Look for Cracks in Your Foundation. Now is the perfect time to check your foundation for cracks. If you find any, we recommend having them assessed by a company that specializes in foundation repairs and waterproofing.

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