A living room void of color can be as dismal as a living room shrouded in darkness. Adding a little color can change the look and feel of a room, and it is a great way to enlarge and brighten a space. Choosing the colors for a living room can be somewhat challenging, but with careful consideration, forethought and creativity, you can have the living room you have always wanted, no matter the size or style.

Choose Your Mood

Colors set the mood of a space, and if you want to convey a relaxing mood, consider cool colors such as soft blue, sea foam green, cool shades of pink or even lavender. Colors that enhance energy are warmer in hue such as deep red, lemon yellow, and creamy orange. Many new variations of these colors are available, and they can completely transform a formerly basic living area into an extraordinary place to relax, watch television, and visit with family and guests. Consider something bold or daring for a completely new look.

Consider Furniture Colors

Large pieces of furniture such as sofas and complete living room sets are quite costly, and unless you are willing to cover existing furniture with slipcovers, the colors of the fabric should be taken into consideration when choosing colors. Take a swatch of fabric to the paint store to make the choice easier. Dark paint or wallpaper is not an ideal choice if the furniture is also dark. Choose lighter colors to go with darker furniture, and solid wall colors with patterned furniture. Lighter furniture combined with darker bolder colors makes a powerful impact and adds drama to the space. Whatever you choose, the furniture should rule the living area since it will more than likely last longer than the wall covering.

The furniture should rule the living area color scheme since it will more than likely last longer than the wall covering.


How About an Accent Wall?

If you are not ready to take the decorating plunge and paint an entire room with a bold or bright new color, consider painting a single wall. Paint or paper all but one living room wall a lighter color of your choice, and choose a darker or brighter shade of the same color. This accent wall will become the focal point, and it will make a dramatic impact in the living room, no matter which colors or patterns you choose.

Color Choices

When shopping for living room paint, keep in mind the size difference of a paint swatch and an entire wall or room. Envision the colors you choose covering a large surface rather than a small square. It is sometimes difficult to choose colors when looking at a very small sample. You might consider buying a brand of paint that offers samples rather than taking a chance on gallons of paint. A paint sample will allow you to see the paint on a larger scale along side existing furnishings and décor.

Rooms with Angles

Angles in a living space create a lot of interest, and rooms with angles take on a completely different look when painted with color. The mood of the living room will transform as the sun changes positions and as darkness falls. The changing shadows will add drama to the space with a single color, and no matter what colors you choose for the living room, it will look entirely different at various times of the day.

After choosing new colors for your living room, create more drama with the addition of new pillows, wrought iron wall décor, a framed mirror, or an architectural piece that will add interest and dimension to the room. You will be surprised by how different your living room looks with fresh new colors and brand new décor.

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