How to Get Employees Sharing to Social Media

Businesses need to tap into the power of social media in order to gain visibility, engagement, and hopefully increase business. But with so much on their plates and the multitude of social platforms to cater to, it can be a challenge to properly support your social media goals. However, many companies are overlooking an important resource when it comes to boosting their social media presence: their employees. By developing an employee social media program and empowering your team with the proper tools, marketers can boost social media traffic and increase engagement.  This is particularly prevalent in the small to mid-size businesses landscape.

Contact us and Salient Marketing to learn how you can create a social media program that capitalizes on your employees’ social networks.

  • How other companies have successfully created an internal army of social media marketers
  • Why content shared by employees has more engagement than the same content shared by company pages
  • How to simplify your social media program to get your employees sharing
  • How to increase your social media traffic without spending money on ads

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