5 Easy Steps to “I am a magnet for referrals and opening the door to opportunity”



First things first, write it down and make it your daily mantra!

“I am a magnet for referrals and opening the door to opportunity!” 

How do you become a referral magnet in your business networking group?  The great thing is, it starts with YOU – set your pace and LEAD by example.

5 STEPS to get started:

STEP 1 – Make everyone feel welcome.

  • Make others feel great – Smile, say Hi, make eye connection!
  • When you have Guests at your meeting, watch for them, make eye contact, invite them in, introduce them
  • Show up looking good and feeling great, YOU must bring your POSITIVE ATTITUDE

STEP 2 – Schedule in the appropriate time for your business meetings

  • You get what you give and it starts with how YOU are perceived in your group
  • Be consistent, accountable, attend meetings regularly, follow up, participate, put the cell away, be “all in”
  • Your meeting is their first indication on how YOU will act with their referrals, are your portraying a great message?
  • Give yourself enough time to be on time.
  • Have a replacement for the days you are unavailable – ask around, you will be surprised how many are willing to jump in to speak on your behalf and meet new contacts — you will “stand out” with your guests and with your group.

STEP 3 – Clearly share what you need to succeed 

  • Is your message clear?  Does your group know who you are looking for, where to look, what to listen for, have you trained your “marketing team/business group” effectively?
  • Who do you want to help and what do you need help with?
  • What do you have to offer – product, service, event, collaborations?
  • What makes you stand out and sets you apart from everyone else?

STEP 4 – Be prepared, enthusiastic and excited about showing up to your meetings

  • Be prepared for presentations – these are designed to help you stand out, but also for you to fine tune your presentation and speaking skills.  Ask your group if your message is clear?
  • Engage in conversations to strengthen your relationships.  Listen, brainstorm with the members of your group to learn how you can help each other?
  • Are you making the first move to build a viable relationship for both of you?

STEP 5 – Be conscious of your audience – it’s business to business. 

  • In a business group you are not selling your services, you are educating your marketing team – yes business can happen, but if you are constantly “selling to your group” you will probably not be happy with the results.
  • Ask questions, take notes, truly gain an understanding of what the businesses in your group are looking for so they will be top of mind each week.
  • Your group can become a natural referral for your clients, friends and connections. It’s a Win, Win, you become the person people “go to”

Now get out there – make the first move, set the example and begin the “LIKE, KNOW & TRUST” of building relationships that will have people calling YOU the “REFERRAL MAGNET”

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Margaret-Ann Davis

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