We seldom take the time to say a gracious thank you for what we have or acknowledge those that help us along the way or help those who are less fortunate that ourselves.   With all that is going on today, this would be a great time for each of us to do just that, after all we certainly have plenty of time to reflect.

It’s worth taking a second to think about people who are doing more than expected, more than they have to do, more than we can imagine.

We must be filled with gratitude for the healthcare workers who have shown up to do the jobs that they never hoped to have to do, risking so much to help people. From the new members who are beginning their career in the middle of this, to retired nurses who are putting on their scrubs to help out again.

And thank you to the frontline workers and volunteers in our city and surrounding areas, from the food market to the fire department, from the gas station to the police. They’re showing up and doing it with grace.

Thanks to Zoom for dealing with a 20 times increase in traffic and not skipping a beat. Just like so many other tech companies that are quietly doing what they said they would do.

Thank you to the non-profit leaders, entrepreneurs and project managers who have figured out how to pivot on a dime, protecting the jobs of their teams and serving their customers in new and powerful ways.

Thanks to every parent who is at home with kids, balancing competing priorities and still being there for the ones who need them. And thanks to resilient and patient therapists, teachers and spiritual leaders who are figuring out how to be there, fully present, even if it’s on a video screen.

We must be grateful for the unseen but not anonymous people who are delivering packages, maintaining webservers, fixing the things that break and showing up every single day.

And we must be glad that so many people are ignoring the charlatans who are trying to profit from panic and untested remedies, preying on the fear that comes with a pandemic. And proud of anyone who stops clicking on a media channel that’s in the business of profiting from the attention that comes with amplifying that same fear.

I’m must be inspired by all those working remotely from dozens of locations, shipping important work and connecting our extraordinary community of tens of thousands of people.

We must give thanks to our colleagues for standing with us at work each and every day, away from family, knowing the risk they are taking is all for helping each other.

And we must be grateful to our partners, children, pets etc., who have all had to make adjustments, becoming more creative, patient and considerate and doing things that we may normally take for granted, now seem extraordinary.

The person next to you can always use a hug, give them one.

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