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April 26, 2021, Ottawa  Airbrowz Mobile Technologies Inc. a Canadian provider of real-time software for businesses announces its response to the devastating affects the COVID-19 pandemic is delivering to communities a mobile tool that immediately connects businesses with local consumers.

Airbrowz is offering unlimited use of its App platform to any business that is looking at effective ways to market their business, products, services, in a relevant and timely fashion to interested consumers who are nearby.

Airbrowz is a community based, buy, sell, live local platform designed to bring the business community and consumers together.

Through the App, businesses can quickly publish their products or services to local neighbourhood residents, or visitors to a neighbourhood who might not otherwise know what is offered within that immediate vicinity.

We have a real focus on community and locality.

Local businesses that have been forced to re-design their space, (restaurants, cafes and the like) or main street retailers searching for channels to market promote and sell their products, have little in the way of mobile resources to directly and immediately reach their local population.

Residents at home can receive immediate, directed notifications of what local businesses are offering and have these products delivered to their door or for in-store or curb-side pick-up.

Even people walking within a business district will be notified to what businesses are offering, while the consumer is within a short distance of the business.

This is a win-win for the support, sell local community.

“Support, shop, buy local has never meant more to citizens, communities and our cities than now” states Carole Lair, Co-Founder of Airbrowz.

“As a channel to help level the playing field for local businesses, help them compete, and provide them with a voice we are hopeful that this platform will become the go to norm to help brand and promote local businesses and economies.”

Without local businesses the vibrancy of our communities suffers greatly. Our goal is to foster economic growth within communities and cities while building brand loyalty for local businesses.

Once the consumer downloads the App, consumers will be able to quickly find promotions, unique businesses, restaurants and information about what is going on around them – all in one place.” Says Carole Lair Co-Founder.

‘Being in business is more challenging than ever, we’re focused on ensuring that our local businesses survive during these difficult times and beyond.’

The app allows businesses to gain the visibility they might not otherwise have.

These businesses are the backbone of our communities; they are a source of local jobs, and local pride. With airbrowz, they will be able to expand their offerings, and provide a new digital marketing platform”.

Businesses will have access to:

  • Turnkey secure mobile e commerce platform /dashboard and App
  • E-commerce capability – sell their products online
  • Pick-up/curb-side options pushed to the consumer in real-time

They need the technical resources in order to compete and thrive, yet they play such an integral part in our lives. 

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