5 Marketing Predictions for 2020

To help you find some focus as 2020 rolls on, consider these five marketing predictions:

Local SEO Truly Shines

Google wants to show results that are most relevant to users, and location is increasingly gaining dominance as a search engine ranking factor. As consumer search expectations evolve in pace with Google innovation, both SEO software companies and SEOs will need to embrace local at their core — if they haven’t already, they are already behind.

Additionally, reviews to gain more traction. Reviews signal trust and authority; they are also becoming a bigger player in search engine ranking factors — especially for local. As such, digital marketers will expand their work with reviews as more than community management, branding, and trust but also, how reviews impact rankings, increase CTRs, and ultimately facilitate organic traffic.

Channels Become a Thing of the Past

It’s a wasted effort for marketers to manually plan and plot strategies based on channels when consumers no longer follow linear journeys and think of brands as channels. It’s also no longer productive for marketers to produce a one-way dialogue, following customers from channel to channel. Instead, marketers should lean into moment-based interactions, listen for real consumer interests and preferences, and ensure the brand can remove friction from the customer experience whenever possible without selling or marketing to them.”

PR Becomes a Data-Driven Marketing Function

The best PR programs will produce competitive intelligence, media mix and website impact data that will help brands measure awareness and impact, not simply potential reach.

New Roles Emerge for ABM Marketers

In this new economy of subscription-based businesses, you have to constantly search for ways to expand relationships within an organization to avoid this issue. As we move into 2020, ABM is going to evolve fill this gap by not only targeting prospects, but also applying these concepts to existing customers.

ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

Make sure your marketing collateral hits home with your target audience — because you can’t please everyone. Just like not everyone is a fit for your solution, not everyone will be a fit for your content. Marketers are establishing their Ideal Customer Profile and tailoring messages to meet their buyers’ specific needs to ensure their message leaves a lasting impression with the right people. Going forward, we’ll see a push towards tailoring messaging to meet buyers in the In-market Ideal Customer Profile — where they’re actively seeking a solution and ready to buy.

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