A holistic approach to finding more peace in your life.

A certain amount of stress is just part of the human experience. It’s natural. Yet too many people suffer with severe stress that disrupts sleep, work performance, health, relationships and life satisfaction.

High stress often calls up its pal anxiety, and together they can stir up panic attacks that can interfere with a purposeful life.

When we live at such a rapid pace, we may not even realize we are in a tense and stressed state.

Use the tips that resonate with you most!

1.       Practice Yoga. Slow down and connect. There’s a form of yoga for every preference.

2.      Enjoy a cup of hot tea. Sample different types until you find one that soothes you, peppermint, chamomile and green tea will all do the trick.

3.      Meditate. Clear thoughts from your mind with deep breathing; let the apps Headspace or Breethe become your mindfulness coach.

4.      Walk in nature. Fresh air, birds chirping, trees reaching to the sky and sunshine beaming down all have a calming effect on your mind.

5.      Try alternate nostril breathing. It’s called “Nadi shodhana” and it activates the parasympathetic nervous system to reduce blood pressure.

6.       Exercise. It’s just science. Regular workouts combat stress and give you a dose of feel-good endorphins. Plus, it helps you get a better night’s sleep making you more equipped to positively handle stress.

7.      Use essential oils. Just smelling a bit of lavender can help you shift to a calmer state.

8.     Have music you love readily available. Whether you use Pandora, Spotify, iTunes or something else, make sure you have music you love at your fingertips. Belt out your favorite song, blast your favorite band or go Zen with your tunes. Music is a powerful outlet and coping strategy all in one. (Loud rap music was a popular suggestion to de-stress.)

9.      Dance. Dancing can help release pent-up emotions. It’s a healthy way to escape stressors, and you also get the endorphins that come from exercise if you sweat it out.

10.  Stretch. It feels good, it’s good for you and it slows you down.

11.   Take a bath. Bubbles and dim lighting can create a relaxing atmosphere.

12.  Schedule acupuncture. A quiet dimly lit room and those tiny needles placed in your skin is an ancient Chinese practice thought to foster natural healing and boost immunity.

13.  Savor a glass of wine. Feet propped up of course.

14.  Pray

15.  Listen to mantras. Repetitive sounds and positive sentences can reach the unconscious mind. Chant, listen to mantras or repeat them to yourself.

16.  Hike for the exercise benefits and the calming landscape.

17.   Get a full body massage.

18.  Try your hand at art. Paint- Color in an adult coloring book, Shape clay, hands on expression is a healthy outlet for stress.

19.  Clean. Vigorous cleaning can give you a sense of accomplishment and order.

20. Walk dogs. Two in one—walking and the calming effects of spending time with a pooch you love.

21.  Count. The repetitive mundane task of counting can distract your mind when it goes to a worrisome place. Counting backwards or a different language

22. Sit on the patio. When is the last time you sat just to relax and do nothing?

23. Run. They call it runner’s high for a reason. There’s something magical about being able to lace up your shoes anywhere, open a door and go.

24. Punch a punching bag. Release stress through physical exertion.

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