A certain amount of stress is just part of the human experience. It’s natural. Yet too many people suffer with severe stress that disrupts sleep, work performance, health, relationships and life satisfaction.

High stress often calls up its pal anxiety, and together they can stir up panic attacks that can interfere with a purposeful life. When we live at such a rapid pace, we may not even realize we are in a tense and stressed state.

Use the tips that resonate with you most!

1. Punch a punching bag – Release stress through physical exertion.

2. Organize – Stress is often caused by situations that feel out of our control. Organizing puts us back into the driver seat and bring about calm.

3. Talk therapy – A professional can help you process and rethink your beliefs. Gain new insights that empower you to defeat stress.

4.  Talk to friends – Social connectedness is directly related to our mental and physical health.

5. Sleep – Sleep is part of the big three—with the other two being nutritious food and exercise. Go for eight hours, even if you’ve tried to convince yourself you only need six.

6. Hug – Give them freely and accept them often.

7. Reduce caffeine, alcohol or sugar – Consciously decide when you will have any of the three to regulate consumption.

8.  Cuddle with your significant other. Physical intimacy reminds us that we aren’t in this alone.

9. Garden – Flowers, vegetables or spices—make your choice to occupy your hands in the earth to feel grounded.

10. Replay fond memories like little movies in your mind.

11. List gratitude –  Ask yourself what’s good right now. Train your brain to notice everything that’s going right in your life.

12. Journal – Get what’s churning in your head on paper. It’s just cathartic and often the process leads to solutions.

13. Smile. It makes people wonder what you’ve been up to.

14.  Do one nice thing for someone or for a stranger – Its human nature to help and it feels good for the receiver and the giver.

15. Go fishing.

16. Try a mental shift – Realize you and your significant other are on the same side. Next time you get agitated about something your “other” has said or done, remind yourself that you’re on the same team. Choose not to react and watch the difference it makes.

17. Pet an animal – The repetitive motion and the loving care will relax you.

18. Go near water—a pond, pool, lake or an ocean – Listening to or watching water has a soothing effect.

19. Savor a cup of tea

20. Listen to music

21. Watch a comedy show. Laughter is the best medicine.

22. Let it go – If you can’t control it or change it, consider letting it go.

23. Try labor rage – Curse like mad at those weeds while you are gardening.

24.  Laugh at yourself – So you can’t find your keys (again!) or you trip on a curb? Smile and laugh at yourself. We’ve all been there.

25. Burn natural candles – it can inspire a peaceful environment in your home.

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