What message are you sending?



Do you ever find yourself asking WHY?

Why are things not happening for me?

Why do your friends not invite you to be part of their sports team or group?

Why do I not get referrals when I’m out networking or part of a business group?

Why did they not refer me for the job?

Whether it’s personally or professionally, if you are growing a community, a team, a charity, a church, a new relationship or friendship, a business, a business group, or network, if it’s not working I find it helpful to step back and ask,

What message are you sending? 

Are you too busy?

  • Have you become comfortable saying you are ” too busy”?
  • Do your friends, family, clients feel that they would be adding to that overwhelm?  (maybe they even just want to hang but you are always too busy)
  • Do you overbook yourself and always on the run?

How do you present yourself? 

  • Do you look good and portray the proper image personally and professionally?
  • You look and smell great?
  • You are always wearing a Smile, have a firm handshake, positive attitude and look people in the eye?

Are you accountable? 

  • Do you show up to events, meetings and appointments on time?
  • Are you prepared?
  • Do you follow through with what you say you will do, people know they can count on you?

Are you listening?

  • Are you paying attention and “all in” when someone is talking to you?
  • Do you understand what your friend, customer or business associate really needs and how you can help?
  • Do you understand who else could help them, and showing you really do care?

Is your message clear? 

  • Is the message you are delivering meaningful and clear?
  • Is there a call to action or process in place to help them navigate your offering?
  • Do they understand who you can help and how?

Are you giving?

  • Do they see you as that person that helps everyone?
  • You take the time to really get to know them and help/refer people that can provide solutions for their needs?
  • Are you standing out as the “go to” person?

Do you ask for help?

  • For referrals to people that can help the people you know and are meeting?
  • For people that you can collaborate with or use services to make your business or personal life more efficient?
  • Have you mastered the skill of asking the right questions to direct your connections to opportunities that allow them to help you?

When you have a problem – you may be pleasantly surprised to find a solution by asking yourself the above questions,

What message are you sending? 

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Margaret-Ann Davis

GR Business Networking

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