The garage is a favorite target for thieves. Garages store lots of valuable items such as cars, bikes, boats, sporting goods and tools. On top of that, a thief knows that more than likely, a garage is not occupied during the night. Keeping the garage secure is extremely vital to home security because once inside your garage, the thief has easier access to the rest of your home.
Stay secure with these three tips:

  1. Check the garage door

Like anything, over time, garage doors go through normal wear and tear, becoming damaged or even breaking. Weak or damaged spots on the garage door are all advantages to a thief. Periodically examine your garage door for loose panels and damaged corners that could make it easy for and intruder to pry their way in.

  1. Update the door opener

Electronic garage door openers make it hard for garage doors to be forced open. Most electronic garage doors come from the factory with an electronic combination. If the combination is never changed from the original factory setting, the garage is actually not as secure as it could be. Refer to the owner’s manual to change the settings and make the combination more complicated to break.

  1. Do not advertise your stuff

It only takes a minute for a thief to come in and take anything they want. Leaving the garage door open gives anyone walking or driving by a clear view of what is inside. Leave the garage door closed when you’re not using it to avoid unwanted attention.

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