There are multiple, life enriching benefits to be gained from volunteering and providing community service. Here are just a few.

Community service produces what is called the “halo effect.” By helping out you not only help make the world a better place, but also enrich your own life too.

Being a volunteer enhances the control you feel over your own life.

You’ll gain the opportunity to fulfill your dreams. Perhaps your career path took a different direction than that which we secretly dream about. So instead of finding a project that is a continuation of that career, find one that fulfills the “inner you.” Engage in that fantasy!

Most people will physically, mentally and emotionally benefit from a moderate amount of service work.

You feel fulfilled with a new sense of purpose.

Community service boosts character, builds strong minds that can reason, think critically, negotiate and solve problems.

Giving back promises greater meaning, stimulation and the chance to make a difference in others’ lives.

People who have found a valued role in life live longer.

You develop a new perspective on life making material things less important.

You make new contacts, which might lead to a second career, full-time or part-time.

Social interaction increases as you meet new people.

Finally, community service enables you to leave a lasting legacy.


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