Six Tips to Decluttering Your Wardrobe
By Jen Charbonneau,

In the true spirit of spring cleaning, it’s the perfect time to tackle that wardrobe audit project that sits on the backburner season after season.  Let’s face it – it’s a big job!

The “I-have-nothing-to-wear” struggle is real; despite the 12 pairs of black bottoms, 17 blouses, 9 black sweaters (long & short ones), 14 tee shirts, 4 blazers, at least 2 hoodies and 10 scarves.  Believe me when I say, “You do not need a hundred items of clothing!! You don’t even need 50!”  What you need are pieces that fit you beautifully, add a touch of style and make you look and feel amazing every time you wear them!

How do you get here, you ask?  There’s only one way to get this wardrobe purging task completed. And that is to start.  As daunting as it may seem, with these few tips you’ll be done in no time.

Here are 6 guidelines:

  • Does this fit? We keep garments that are too small because we’ve promised ourselves we’ll get back into them.  What about those oversized pieces; just in case we put on a few pounds?  Here’s the thing, if it doesn’t fit, ditch or donate!
  • Have I worn this in the last 12 months? It’s nice to have that special occasion go-to, but realistically, how many black dresses do you need? If you haven’t worn it, pass it on.  How about the garments with the price tags still on them? You know EXACTLY what I mean, right?!
  • Is this currently in style or does it still accurately represent my style? It’s important to have garments that fit your CURRENT style!  (FYI – shoulder pads went out a long time ago…)  Plan a garage sale!
  • If this is damaged in any way, will I actually make the effort to have it repaired? Be honest with yourself on this one.
  • If I was shopping right now, would I buy this? The answer would likely be yes because it seems the accumulation of clothing has become the norm and yet, getting dressed for work or an event results in guesswork & frustration.
  • Do I feel confident when I wear this? You have every right to feel amazing in your clothing; regardless of the size on the clothing tag!  Garments that fit and flatter the shape you have right now go a long way in helping you feel put together.

If the idea of decluttering an entire wardrobe is just too overwhelming, you may want to start with 10-15 garments.  And if that is still too much, I can help!   We’ll scale down your current wardrobe, make suggestions on what goes well together and before you know it, getting dressed will be the easiest task of the day!

Jen Charbonneau is Your Personal Cabi Style Advisor in Eastern Ontario.  For more functional wardrobe ideas or fashion advise email:

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