Invest in Great Relationships

We have all experienced relationships that are simply draining on an emotional and physical level especially when you are struggling to get through spending time with the other person. In fact, much of your time is spent concerning yourself with their problems.

Instead of putting all your attention on a negative relationship, it is better to spot relationships that are positive and worth maintaining. Whether this is with your family, friends, co-workers or other acquaintances, here is a look at seven qualities you can recognize in any functioning relationship:

  1. Trust

Every relationship needs a foundation, and that foundation is often trust. This is often the one characteristic that takes the longest to form in a relationship, because you need time to understand and open up to someone. For genuine trust, both parties must open up over time.

  1. Openness

If you are able to openly talk about your emotions, concerns and life situation, it means you are in a healthy relationship. By having real conversations, you build a proper connection with the other person, instead of focusing on superficial elements.


  1. Kindness

When you treat the other person with respect, compassion and big-heartedness you both benefit – showing that  care is reciprocal.

  1. Teamwork

Relationships cannot work if they are one-sided. This applies to personal and professional relationships. If one person is doing all the work, they will eventually fall under the weight of that pressure. Mutual respect and kindness is required for a healthy relationship.

  1. Joy

Relationships that become all about anger and sadness are very difficult to maintain. While people should feel comfortable sharing their problems with a friend, no relationship can survive without happiness and laughter.

  1. Respect

While you do not have to agree with your friend or loved one all the time, it is still important to respect their opinions, personality and what they do for a living. Constantly expecting them to turn into someone else for your benefit only leads to resentment and disappointment.

  1. Forgiveness

Everyone makes mistakes. Even if your friend hurts you in an emotional way, or says something that offends you, it is important to apply forgiveness whenever possible. As long as your friend shows remorse and does not repeat those behaviors, the relationship can grow even stronger as a result of such issues.



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