Make the best of this uncertain times with self-care and healthy routines

2020 is what it is, and we are all trying to make the best of it, for all season. It is important to create a new home base for yourself with new daily rules. Every day you need to try to do the same five things. You may come to find that each of these activities makes you calmer, happier and/or more at peace. For ease of remembering, think of the mnemonic M.E.C.C.A. (Mecca being both a holy city and a word that means “center”).

What is M.E.C.C.A.?


Start your day with a brief meditation.  This source of meditation must be what you are comfortable with you may find that from reading the bible, or listening to short online daily devotional or simply sitting in complete silence with your thoughts. The benefits of engaging in mediation, you feel better: clear-headed, relaxed and refreshed. It is the best way to start the morning. Just like having a glass of water can do for starting your body off right.


Every day, exercise. Given COVID, you can still walk the dog or alone, lift hand weights, participate in online workout videos. And as with meditation, every time after you exercise, what a feeling “Oh you’ll feel so much better.”


Do you write? Draw? Sew? Creativity is one of the best coping tools we have. By creating, we can take our feelings and transform them into something else: something beautiful or moving or cathartic. Maybe you have a hidden talent that you did not know you have, here is your chance to find out.


Many people feel lonely. Many of us have lost someone, and we miss them particularly around this sentimental season. This year of COVID, there will be even more people missing their loved ones, because most of us will need to stay in our own homes. Don’t just text; pick up the phone and talk. Reach out to your loved ones. Hearing the voice of your friend or family will be a welcomed gesture. Make the call! It may be the difference in someone’s life.


Every day, do something you have put off doing. You know those projects that you never have time for? Perhaps this will be the year that you finally organize that clutter you’ve been putting off.

No one knows how long we will drift in this odd COVID limbo; we may have to learn to live with it.  But you can start by caring for yourself and keeping a healthy grounding routine. You can make those changes and change your perspective.

We will find our way back to normal, at some point. For now, enjoy what you have in your life and your surroundings. Take care and keep a stiff upper lip. Humanity has gotten through many difficult times, and we will get through this too. A mind for all Seasons!

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