The Power of Short-Term Goal Planning

Taking the First Step: 

By Fred Knowles

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“Step One” has a different meaning for each individual. For a first-time home buyer, step one might be saving for a down payment, paying down student loans, or focusing on building credit. If you’re ready to retire, the first step might mean strategizing your RRSP’s and setting yourself up to ensure you can live comfortably.

Having goals is important to living a full and happy life. Life can also get in the way of achieving these goals. Each day we encounter new challenges and obstacles that can interfere with our plans. Health, injuries, and employment status are all things that can force us to take one or two – or even three or four – steps backwards.

When we are forced to deviate from our plans, it drains the motivation which once drove us. When we have to start from scratch, just getting back to where you were can feel like climbing a mountain. This is where the power of short-term goal planning comes into play.

Every time you tackle something, even a small task, you get a confidence boost, building up your motivation and keeping you on track.  By focusing on one, short-term goal at a time, all those obstacles and “what-ifs” are sidelined, making each incremental goal more manageable. Achieving these little wins builds the foundation you need to reach your ultimate goal.

Mortgage Agents and Brokers do much more than shop around for rates. We are the people who can help you develop these short-term objectives, and coach you towards your ultimate goal. You may not have that down payment saved right now. Your credit score may not be where it needs to be right now. But you can take the first step towards these goals right now. When preparing to take the leap into home ownership or even just working towards a more secure financial future, setting yourself up with an honest plan is essential.

This is something your Mortgage Agent can help you with. The best part of my job is having people come to me with a dream, sending them home with a plan and having them come back in a couple months feeling accomplished and ready to take on the next step. But first they have to take the first step.

First Step– Call and schedule an appointment with your Mortgage Guy, Fred Knowles. Leave feeling confident and inspired in your ability to achieve your goals – and knowing exactly where to go from there.

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