Renovating is all about adding value to your home. Every dollar you save is profit earned.

Shop Around for Materials

Scour the classifieds, salvage yards, garage sales and the Internet e.g. a fireplace retailing at $1,110 was purchased for just $144 on an online auction site. With just some easy painting, it looks fantastic.

Cut Out The Middle Man

Tiles retailing for $175/sqm were purchased for $36/sqm by going directly to the overseas supplier. Buy in bulk and save even more.

Look For Bargains Everywhere

Bali is a great place to buy cheap kitchen and bathroom wares, garden art, pots and large furniture. Even with tariffs and shipping included, final costs could be less than a third of local retail prices.

Find The Cheapest Quote

Try to obtain 3 to 5 quotes for everything. Then negotiate down from there. Don’t be afraid to ask for trade price. An “asking price” is just that. Make an offer and negotiate.

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