6 Do’s for Marketers

Advertising trends are emerging every day. These trends are newly developed as a means to best reach a target audience, whom ever it may be. Therefore, advertisers are utilizing new marketing methods to reach the newcomers on the scene of consumerism: Gen Z. following are some vital dos advertisers should take into account when advertising to the Gen Z audience.

DO: Seek to Make an Authentic Connection with Consumers

Authenticity is paramount to your brand’s success in selling to the Gen Z audience. Making connections has a whole new meaning for Gen Z, with the rise of technology. Social platforms have allowed for connection to feel more personal and more real than ever. As advertisers, taking advantage of this can make all of the difference. The more personalized social media marketing tactics present today make it inherently easier to reach your consumer. The results are a closer connection to your consumers than ever. Using this close contact to maintain an authentic relationship will go far with Gen Z. Interact with us and stay transparent; keep it real.

DO: Get below the Surface Level and the Consumer Will Come Knocking

With the tools at hand, not only is it easier than ever to make authentic connections with consumers, and it’s also more important than ever. Your brand’s marketing efforts must dive deeper and seek to strike a chord with the emotions of Gen Z. As consumers, Gen Z will only resonate with a brand where there is a deep connection or story that sells the relationship between them and your product. This can only really be done if the campaign messaging hits hard on the reasons why it will truly enhance the lives of Gen Zers.

DO: Genuinely Care About Social Responsibility

Gen Z cares about the world they live in and the people in it, and are hungry for change to make a better tomorrow. They crave equality and want to help. Whether products are ethically sourced and sustainably grown, or a company openly expresses its pro stance for transgender equality or that of women employees, Gen Z feels incredibly satisfied to see these topics being taken on and embraced by brands.

DO: Remain True to Thy Self About Giving Back

If a company is moving toward more socially responsible initiatives, but isn’t quite there yet, that’s OK. Just be true to the company goals and don’t create falsity. Becoming a socially responsible company does not happen overnight. As consumers, younger generations understand that. Be sure to deliver what you say you will in order to remain authentic to your consumers. Companies should simply state they are working toward it, and continue to do so. Gen Z prefers and appreciates sincerity and transparency as companies work toward a better future.

DO: Tap into Trending News and Pop Culture

Pop culture is basically determined by young people. What’s cool, what’ not, and what’s funny on the Internet are some of the things Gen Z have precedence over, as generations prior have also ruled during their adolescence. This is nothing new. Tapping into pop culture can be one of the easiest ways to appeal to the Gen Z audience. Taking advantage of a situation for a brand’s own benefit seems intuitive and a win-win, as both the story/topic and the brand gain more exposure. However, when specifically targeting a young generation, it is vital to have a deep understanding of the topic before applying it to a brand inaccurately or overdoing it.

DO: Learn the Media to Which They Reference

The easiest way to understand Gen Z is to pay attention to the media they consume. Utilizing a pop culture reference can go extremely well selling to Gen Z. But it’s really important to make sure it’s done right. The key to success here is to do it in moderation.

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