When we think of a happy place in our minds, we are generally thinking of quiet mountains, sandy beaches or relaxing outdoor cafes, or the warm of our cozy bed when it is cold. Our happy places are generally anywhere but work. These happy places are locations where you would feel calm, relaxed and comfortable. Sometimes we cannot help but think of work as the opposite of our happy place, even when we love what we do on a daily basis. With all the deadlines, duties and hours you spend working at the office, you are bound to feel stressed and upset when you think of work. While we cannot turn our work into a playground, we can take some steps to make sure we feel better about going into work every morning.

  1. Make Friends

Even if you love your job, you are going to suffer because of the daily grind associated with most professions. We are constantly craving new and exciting experiences, which makes the mundane nature of work a little distressing and upsetting. The best way to freshen things up is to create and cultivate new relationships with your co-workers. Get to know someone who started working at your company, or take time to talk with people who work in different departments. Go to lunch with some colleagues or have coffee with someone after work.

  1. Keep Track of Good Things

We often focus on the negatives that are associated with our jobs. When something does not go right, we keep it in our minds forever. But this results in the positive thoughts being put to the side. Instead of focusing on the negative, it is a good idea to keep reminders of everything positive that happens at work. Start by putting a coffee cup or a jar on your desk. And whenever someone offers you praise or you complete an important task, write it down on a small slip of paper, fold it up and put it in the jar. If you are ever upset, tired or need some inspiration at the end of the month, empty out the jar and read about all of your positive accomplishments.

  1. Chain of Kindness

Acts of kindness can inspire others to do the same. Studies show that people who are shown kindness will often show it to others. Creating a chain of kindness is the best way to make your work a more tolerable and hospitable environment. Praise your co-workers in front of the boss, bring everyone donuts on a Monday morning or tell someone they are looking nice if you notice they are wearing a new outfit!

  1. Re-Think Your Routine

Sometimes we get into a routine that is most convenient for us. But sometimes it is also necessary to take stock of our routine to see if we can make any improvements. Is there anything you would change to impact your happiness? Take steps to improving your routine and watch it have a positive impact on how you view work.

  1. Spice up the Workplace

Workplaces are designed to get things done, not appear beautiful. But adding some life to an office environment can make everyone feel more at home in their professional surroundings. Family photos, different colored items, your favorite artwork or other keepsakes can really make your desk or office feel like a home away from home.

Happy working!

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