How would a daily show of kindness change your life?

With COVID-19 that response may be different for everyone. It may cause you to look a lot more closely at the human condition, and at the way we treat each other. With the time we now have on our hands, it’s a great opportunity for us to begin to make observations. You may go back and revisit the “Golden Rule.” Do unto others as we would have others do unto us…a great concept. If we really followed it, it seems we don’t, though. It seems we do unto others as we have been done to. Now that we have been given this rude awakening, the severity of the situation, it may change what you are willing to give to someone else. It allows for the chance that we really can send the cycle of our treatment of one another in a more positive direction.

Why should the act of kindness be a daily practice in all people?

Because we are learning, hopefully, how precious and fragile life can be, and how little control we really do have over what we may have originally thought or believed.

What are some easy ways people can practice acts of kindness?

We begin to watch the people around us to see what they need. This present situation of COVID-19 and how many have responded to me is the heart of the change we bring, and thus rests entirely on each individual to act. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Do you think we need kindness more than ever and how can an act of kindness change the way we treat others?

We have always needed to be kinder to each other and probably always will. Yes, this is an important time. As there have been many times before this, some in our short lifetime. Now is the time for us to continue being kind to one another. Live for each other, respect our differences and embrace them. And as to how much good it can do we’ll try it and see.

You first

Either way, when we put others first, we are carving a path to greater happiness and well-being. How would you like to practice acts of kindness.


Help the Less Fortunate

Do the Small Things

Spread Happiness


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