How DenTyme Can Help Your Practice

By: Karen Ergus

When it comes to business ethics, billing and costs of services is probably not the first thing that comes to your mind. As a dental professional, it is imperative to bill your patients accordingly and appropriately – you shouldn’t overcharge nor should you undercharge.

For example, if a patient is scheduled for a 60 minute appointment, all the services performed during that appointment must reflect in the bill. Although this may seem “obvious,” it is not always the case and some practices, with services sometimes being left off the bill either intentionally – in fear of being perceived as “overcharging”– or accidentally if the appointment is not tracked correctly.

Time Tracking:

That’s where our revolutionary app DenTyme can help. The app features a high-quality, easy-to-use time tracking feature and procedure log that can be used to accurately time and keep track of each procedure performed on a patient.

The app also contains accurate time recommendations for each procedure so that you know that the procedure is being performed accurately and efficiently and that you are not overcharging or undercharging.

Measuring Efficiency:

It’s critical that dental professionals know when there are productivity and efficiency issues from both a staff and patient’s viewpoint. DenTyme delivers both perspectives on a daily basis in the most organic, user-friendly manner: via separate data portals for staff and patients.

Having your patients fill out a patient survey at the end of their appointment via the DenTyme app is another good way to gain insight as to how procedures are being performed and how your pricing is perceived by your customer.

Dental Association Assistance:

Additionally, we recommend you consult with your respective provincial or regional dental association for an idea of how to price your services.

Though it is not obligatory to follow them, all dental associations publish detailed fee guides to help you decide on how much to charge for each service and procedure.

If you’re practicing in Ontario, the Ontario Dental Hygienist Association offers a helpful fee guide available for free here.

Price Increases:

Another important thing to remember is that it is okay to change your prices periodically. With inflation there will be a demand for changes. Changes in price of dental equipment, amongst other factors.

Sometimes it is necessary to increase your pricing to ensure that you are still making an appropriate and desirable profit from your practice.

Dental association fee guides and the DenTyme app are updated regularly to keep up with industry changes and trends that affect pricing.

Being ethical, practical and transparent with your pricing is one of the keys to forming a positive relationship with your clients while also hitting your profit goals.

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