Are you renovating your home? Then pay careful attention to the colours you choose for the different rooms.

The colours that we place around us can have an effect on our mood and energy levels.

RED: An energizing colour that can increase your pulse, respiration and brain activity. Colour experts prescribe it for depression and tiredness.

ORANGE: The colour of fun and energy. It can lift the spirits and stimulate memory. Linked with sunshine and summer, it is a warm, revitalizing colour.

YELLOW: Cheerful, energetic, it can stimulate intellectual judgement. Good for boosting energy, but perhaps not in the bedroom as it may disturb sleep.

GREEN: The colour of balance, calm, and compassion. Green is the colour of life, and is said to help fatigue, insomnia, tension and anger.

BLUE: Peaceful, orderly, restful and soothing. Blue has been found to lower blood pressure and pulse rate and to reduce stress.

VIOLET: Calming and soothing, violet and lilac shades create peace and tranquility. It is often considered the most spiritual colour.

WHITE: Clean and calming, white suggests purity. It is a good antidote to sensory overload, and a good colour for meditation.

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