Rejoice! A survey of 15 major airports indicates that healthier food choices abound. Here are some options to look for when flying:

Vegetarian options – such as stir-fry dishes that have lots of vegetables, Vegetarian dishes are usually low in fat and high in fiber. ­

Fruit and vegetable choices that fill you up – such as snack boxes that include hummus and pita bread or carrots and other veggies, fruit or green lettuce salads are also good options (have dressing on the side). ­

Snacks on-the-go – such as nuts (small portion and unsalted) or a small package of pretzels. Add a piece of fresh fruit and water to drink. Eating fresh fruit is more satisfying than drinking fruit juice and fills you up during those flight layovers. Or snack on low-fat yogurt (the extra protein in Greek-style yogurt may keep you satisfied longer). ­

Sandwiches – choose lean meat or poultry on whole wheat bread. Ask for EXTRA greens and tomatoes. Choose low-fat condiments like mustard.

Plan ahead if you will be eating at the airport. Find out what restaurants are at the airport(s) you will be traveling through. Many may have websites with menus and/or nutrition information. Want to bring your own healthy food choices? }

For fruit lovers, unpeeled fruit is OK when going through security. But if you’ve partially eaten the fruit, it must be wrapped. }

Water—there is still a ban on liquids going through security so you will have to buy water after the security checkpoint.

Remember, all food is screened so be forewarned.

Hidden Sources of Salt

Hidden Sources of Salt Putting away the salt shaker helps, as does learning to cook with other flavors, such as garlic, citrus, and herbs. However, many people find it’s much harder than they expected to reduce sodium intake, and the culprit is often hidden salt. Here’s a list of some of the biggest “salt traps” to avoid ­

Most condiments ­

Canned soups, stews, and vegetables ­

Breakfast cereals ­

Baked goods and mixes ­

Cured, smoked, and deli meats ­

Products labeled “low fat” or “heart healthy”, “reduced salt” or “less sodium” ­

Fast food, including “healthy” choices ­

Salty sweets


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