Water-related claims are a growing concern for residents of Ontario


Your House Insurance Policy may have some form of protection for “Water-Related” losses. Many Insurance Companies have introduced “Enhanced Water Damage Packages” to provide you with greater coverage options.

You may be able to obtain coverage for the following water-related losses:

  1. Sewer Back-up – Which provides protection for those messy situations when water is forced through the sewer system back into your home.
  2. Water and Sewer Lines – In the event your water or sewer lines begin to leak or become torn or damaged, some insurance companies offer protection to help you pay for any repairs or replacement of those lines.
  3. Overland Water – Imagine the creek or stream near your home overflows and floods your home.  This coverage (where available) helps you get back to normal after such an event.
  4. Ground Water – Some Insurance companies now offer coverage that would protect you when water unexpectedly enters your home through the walls of your basement.

The amount of coverage available depends on the type of policy, the limits of insurance purchased and the nature of the loss. Please consult your Insurance Broker or Agent to review your policy limits.

So, why is water damage on the rise?

Extreme weather events that used to happen every 40 years now occur every 6 years! In 2016, water-related losses cost the Canadian Insurance Industry in excess of $1B

Water Damage Checklist: To help avoid water damage in your home, take a few simple precautions to decrease the chances of it happening to you.


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