3 Ways to Build a Communication Platform

Everyone needs a platform, and it is important to build and maintain a vibrant culture in your organization. It’s essential that your strategic messages resonate with your customers and helps them find the answers to their most critical questions.

If your goal is to build awareness for your business you’ll need both a strong visual and textual message to be successful. Simply stating your organization’s vision and mission statements is not going to persuade anyone to feel drawn toward your organization, unless your communications resonate with their needs.

In other words, focus is essential.

Here are a few things you can do to build an effective platform.

  1. Place your messaging in the order that your customers prefer.

A simple example is not feeling the need to alphabetize your pull-down menus on your website. If your top topic starts with an ‘S’ put it on top to make it easy to find. Make it obvious. Things that go first have more importance than those that go last.

  1. Figure out what your customer’s value most.

Place your customers’ interests at the center of everything you do. Highlight it. Keep it short and to the point. Communications is about making critical information easy to find and understand.

  1. Research and track the results of your communications.

Figure out what people spend the most amount of time looking at, push to the back areas they are less interested in and consider eliminating them altogether if they’re ignored. In communications, it is equally important to figure out what not to include, than what is. No one likes to have to weed through large amounts of information.

The critical mass of all of this is that effective communications start, develop, and reinforce meaningful relationships with your customers and prospects. Making it easy to talk with you forms a strong relationship. To accomplish this, it’s essential that you build communications they will enjoy, versus pushing your communication messages too hard. Remember to be creative and persuasive, but not overly aggressive.

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