Red-eye flights are stressful, exhausting and delirium-inducing experiences that no business traveler looks forward to—especially with an important meeting looming the next morning. Here are six tips to help you deal with your next red-eye flight:

Get a window seat

When planning the trip book a window seat. They have two enormous advantages: They give you something to lean on when you’re trying to doze off, and the folks seated next to you will never have to wake you up if they have to get up.

Eat a healthy meal before going to the airport

Most people think that airplane food is the worst. Having a meal you enjoy before starting your trip can work wonders on your psyche. But don’t eat anything heavy or unhealthy that will bog you down and make you even more tired.

Bring items to help you sleep

We all have different ways of trying to sleep comfortably on a plane, so bring whatever helps you the most. A familiar pillow and blanket that you know you’re going to be comfortable using, or buy a specialty pillow to wrap around your neck or on your tray table if that’s your preferred method. Noise-cancelling headphones and sleeping masks can help as well.

Keep yourself hydrated throughout the trip

We’re past the age of being able to carry water bottles through security, and while some may be hesitant to pay for an extra-pricey bottle in the airport, it’s important to drink water. You could bring your own bottle and fill it up at a water fountain before you depart, or buy it on the flight. the flight. Either way, it helps to have your own bottle so that you have a readily available backup.

Freshen up before landing

Don’t rely on the jarring moment when the plane’s wheels hit the ground to wake you up at the end of a flight. Instead, give yourself a few minutes before the plane begins to descend to head to the bathroom to freshen up, just as you would at home after you wake up in the morning.

Don’t go nuts when you get there

Although the first instinct for many will be to rocket ahead on all cylinders, it is important to try to hold back and stay as rested as possible. No matter how well the trip went, you’re certain to be a bit bagged by the time you get to your destination. Conserve every bit of energy in order to be as productive as possible the next day.

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