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By Maria Costa

American Express is…

Revamping its iconic  “Green Card” that has grace the marketplace for the last 50 years!

As in the words of a well know song of the same era “The times they are a changing.

AMEX is moving with the changing times in the market!

In April 2016 American Express introduced OptBlue.

This program offers merchants the opportunity to lower processing rates when accepting American Express.

Rates starting at the base of 1.60-2.40%!

For merchants who in the past have shied away from accepting American Express due to high payment processing rates will find this a new and improved opportunity to say YES to any card that a client brings to their business.

At PAYSTONE payment processing, along with amazing low rates, your OptBlue account will be processed within all your Visa, MasterCard, Debit and Discover Card account! No longer will you have to deal with a separate account for American Express!

Please contact Maria Costa, your Business Advisor with PAYSTONE and this month’s contributor for further details.

Maria, will be more than happy to assist with your payment processing needs as well as the newest smart terminals and software solutions in the market!

Maria Costa
Business Advisor
C: 1 (613) 808-2561
T: 1 (888) 900-9192
F: 1 (800) 630-4539


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