5 Quick Characteristics that will change your life

By Susan Norkett-Guljas


1 – Be Communicative – this is often quite one-sided and sometimes people are just talking to hear themselves speak.  The reason I say this is because when you are listening to someone speak, you must first understand their perspective in order to really understand what they are saying and how to share that message with someone.  Ultimately it is about the perspective of the person you are talking to.  If they do not have the same perspective as you they could be getting a very different impression of what you are saying to them.  So understand their perspective prior to communicating with them.  This could be done by asking more questions and listening to gain their perspective prior to engaging in a deep conversation with them.  After all you have one mouth and two ears, maybe you would do better to use them proportionately in your communication.

2 – Be Laser FOCUSED – You can only FOCUS on one thing at a time.  Yes, in reality you can multitask, but how effective and efficient are you really at getting the things you have to do complete.  The fact is when you multitask you are not giving 100 percent to any of the tasks so how can it be the best work that you are capable of.  It cannot, although you are getting things done.  Ask yourself, are they really getting done to the best of your ability and if it is not then the impression you are giving to others about your work is less than your best; right?  So follow one course until successful!

3 – Be a Life-long Learner – Always keep learning, we are meant to learn, improve and do new things throughout our life.  Why is that, well because we actually love to be challenged? This keeps the mind sharp and just as you need to eat every day you also need to activate your brain.  The more time and energy you put into your education the bigger the return on Investment is coming back to you.  As my mentor says, “If you are not growing you are dying!”

4 – Be Positive – Watch your words, you do everything better with a positive attitude.   Positive words lead to positive results.  If you have negative words it will lead to negative results and it is just a matter of time for those negative results to turn into negative emotions.  Did you know that these negative emotions will show up within your body as well?  For example anger weakens the liver, grief weakens the lungs, worry weakens the stomach, stress weakens the heart and brain, fear weakens the kidney.

5 – Be Energetic – Breath properly and exercise – Most people don’t know how to breath and if you are not breathing properly then your circulatory system is not working to the best of its ability.  Your stomach must be pushed out when breathing in and released when breathing out.  The simplest way to learn this is by simply lying on your back and breathing because you will naturally do it the right way in this position.  Just as we eat every day we must also exercise daily because if we don’t we will lose that ability.  Have you ever heard of the line, “If you don’t use it you will lose it?”  Also, have you ever heard of exercising giving you more energy? Well it does; research proves this!  It creates feel good chemicals within your body which help you get up and going.  That is why so many people tell you if you are going to exercise you should do it first thing in the morning or no later than 7:00 pm.  Because exercising late in the evening will make it difficult to get a good night sleep.

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