In the land of opens, click-through rates and landing pages, things are not always a bed of roses.

Digital marketing is where things are at when it comes to B-to-B. Most companies will have their own product literature and whitepapers. In addition, print ads in paper trade journals are not as popular as they were in the past, while magazines are also reducing their size or shutting down completely. Digital marketing is working in a very good way. The response is instant, costs are far less than print marketing and B-to-B marketers are responding. They are now spending more on digital marketing than print marketing. The only problem with this strategy is the ephemeral and cluttered nature of online marketing.

Electronic Clutter –

B-to-B prospects often get inundated with more email than they are ever going to read. This means that open rates and click through rates are a lot lower than marketers would like. It is the same when we talk about e-newsletters. There are so many of them that people cannot possibly keep up with everything. It is the reason why so many people will eventually unsubscribe from these emails because they are simply deleting each item that is sent to their inbox.

Print marketing is making a modest comeback because of these facts.

Print is not as ephemeral as online marketing. It is still easy to dispose print items, but not as easily as electronic communications that are gone in the click of a mouse.

Many B-to-B prospects cannot keep up with the reading material they are given. But while they can easily delete emails and e-newsletters, it is not as easy to get rid of brochures or leaflets or magazines before they are read. Even though many of these print items go unread or sit on a person’s nightstand, they are far more visible than the online equivalents.

Many markets will supplement e-newsletters with print versions. And the print versions are far more likely to generate a response from readers than the e-newsletters.

One reason why print marketing stands out more than online marketing is because of the size and scope. When there is less of something, people will take more of it in and see what it has to offer. When you have so much online marketing, it is inevitable that print marketing will make some type of resurgence.


Another reason print is making a comeback is because it makes a better impression to hand someone a physical item instead of telling them to go on a website to learn more about a product or service. Print is still alive as well. The other day, I opened my mailbox to find a print package from Google asking me to buy their ads. Google is one of the biggest online companies in the world, but they still sent me marketing through physical mail. Surely there is a reason for that!

Electronic and print communications can work in harmony. Print ads and direct mail packages can also drive people to online sites and social media pages. The landing page may have more of the sales copy, which means the print promotions only need to grab a person’s attention. They do not need enormous details about the product or service.

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