Maintaining a positive attitude in your work Environment

By Karen Ergus

KAREN A. ERGUS, J.D., R.D.H Dip., ADR, Cert., Lawyer,

As a business professional, one of the most powerful things you can do to have maximum productivity and efficiency at your workplace is to have a happiness-centered business model.

As a dental professional specifically, this means implementing practices and expectations that not only makes your clients happy, but also all levels of staff in your office.

Customer Service

There are likely a plethora of other dental offices in your area that offer the same services you do for a similar price, so what’s going to set you apart is how you treat your customers and the overall experience and environment you create for them.

One of the key things is communication – be prompt and professional with how you communicate with your clients and potential clients.  

Do this by providing various communication methods for your clients (including online methods which we discuss in more detail here).

Responding promptly to emails and phone calls, and following up with a courtesy call or email after a client receives a more intensive procedure or the use of DenTyme app for patient’s feedback.

This will not only make your clients happy, but also ensure that they’ll keep coming back to your practice.

The overall aesthetic of your office is another important aspect of customer service. It is the first thing that both clients and staff encounter as they walk through your doors.

According to Dentistry Today, a neutral colour palette and minimalistic design with good lighting is the best option.

This aesthetic is calm, clean and will not only help reduce any anxiety in your clients, but is also a comfortable and peaceful work setting for your staff.

Teamwork and trust

Develop cohesive teamwork and a strong sense of trust among your staff and you’ll see great

results in workplace productivity, quality of work and, most importantly, overall team happiness.

Do this by developing specific systems and routines that will encourage open dialogue, team bonding and collaboration.  

An effective way to do this is to host regular team meetings and workshops, either online or in person when the times allow it.

Hold these meetings monthly and encourage your staff to use the time as a way to share ideas, concerns and more. 

Also, use this time to introduce your staff to new measures, protocol or services you plan on implementing so everyone is on the same page and can offer their feedback.

Positive Relationships

Fostering a positive relationship with each of your staff members, and encouraging them to have positive relationships with each other, is the biggest key to a successful practice.

Everyone should be on the same page, have a positive and professional attitude towards the work they’re doing, and practice mutual respect.

Be clear with your staff that disrespect and workplace bullying/harassment will not be tolerated in any circumstance.

It is also your role as a boss to create an environment that makes your staff members feels comfortable enough to express any issues with you.

A good way to encourage this is to utilize efficient methods like the anonymous feedback and questionnaire features in the DenTyme app as a way for staff to easily voice their concerns.

For further assistance with team management and efficiency, check out DenTyme – our virtual chairside management application developed by dental professionals for dental professionals.

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