By Douglas Pritchard

Now is the perfect time to be thinking about how ready you are to sell.  By taking a little time now to plan a few things it will make the process so much smoother.
Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Air Quality/Odor/Pets

These items can determine whether or not a buyer will make an offer on your home. Most people don’t think about these but they are an important part of preparing your home for sale.  Buyers want to envision themselves living in the house, and if the home is not presented in a manner that will allow them to do that easily, most buyers will move on.

Have you had any water issues?
Check for mold or mildew
Inspect your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and replace if needed
Avoid cooking with strong seasonings and foods that have a lingering smell
Remove your pets while the house is on the market
Remove any signs of the pets (e.g. food and water bowls, toys, litter box, leashes)


Depersonalizing is an important step when it comes to selling your home. It means that you need to let go emotionally and this can be a tough process. Now that you have made the decision to move, you need to commit to that and remove your identity from the house. Focus on turning your home into “a model home”. Disconnecting yourself from your house will allow the buyer to emotionally connect and envision themselves living there, not feeling that they are a guest in your home.

Remove personal and family photos
Remove memorabilia
Pre-pack books and music that do not appeal to a wide range of buyers
Pre-pack your collections
Do you have belongings that could be potentially disagreeable to buyers?
Remove and pre-pack any items that could be potentially offensive or disagreeable
Store away and organize children’s toys, games and books

The Main Selling Rooms

The overall impression of your entire home is important, but most buyers will focus on your main selling rooms first so you need to make sure that these rooms have an exceptional first impression.

Things to consider:

Front Entrance

How do the rooms look from where you are standing?
Does your entrance feel spacious?

How does the kitchen look and feel when you walk into it?
Determine what needs to be done if your kitchen requires some updating
What is the look of your cupboards?

Living Room

Does this room feel inviting?
How is your furniture positioned?
Are there any repairs or upgrades needed in this room?

Dining Room

Does this room show its function?
Are there any upgrades or repairs needed?
How is the furniture positioned?

Main Floor Family Room

What is the focal point in this room? Is it apparent?
Are there any upgrades or repairs needed?
How is the furniture positioned?

Front Entrance

Do you feel calm walking into this room?
How is your furniture positioned?
Are there any updates or repairs needed?

Updates and Repairs

Take an objective look at your house to determine what updates and repairs are necessary. Based on your timeline and budget you will be able to determine what needs to be completed to improve the overall presentation of your home. Buyers today are looking to purchase a home that does not require work. They are also willing to pay more for a house that has been well looked after, so show them that your home is in turn key condition.

What is your timeline and budget?
What updates have you been putting off?
What repairs are needed?
What condition are your windows in?
What condition are your permanent light fixtures in?
What are the conditions of your doors and trim?
Do you have any holes or cracks in your walls?

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