National Aquatic Complex Plans For Ottawa

By Greg Kells

I am the Chair of the National Aquatics Institute and we have embarked on building a world class, state of the art, Aquatics Centre in Ottawa, Canada. Funding will come from many sources including corporate sponsors, Government, individuals, foundations, and others. We have put together an outstanding group of people to guide and assist with this project including leaders in each of the Aquatic sports, Olympic athletes, sports medicine experts, para-Olympic leaders, seasoned aquatics design and operations experts, and capable business people.

The “National Aquatic Complex” (NAqC) will be an advanced-technology sports facility, the jewel of Ottawa and one of the best in the world. It will enable Canada to host the Commonwealth Games, Olympic events and International competitions as well as providing the training and support services to successfully develop Canadian athletes. It will provide facilities and resources for regional and local use for clubs, teams, and local casual users and will do so in an environmentally conscious way. We are designing it to be energy self-sufficient and to be financially self-supporting post construction.

Canada and Ottawa are in desperate need of such a facility, but we need your vote of support. The National Aquatics Institute is a not for profit corporation. We are currently on a campaign to assemble supporters. Please help this project regardless of your country of residence, with a donation as low as one dollar and visit our web site at

Please go to

Select “support us” then scroll to the “donate button” and donate any amount as low as $1.00. It will be a great help if you could participate personally and pass this message along to all your contacts.

Greg Kells
M&AMI, LCBI, CMEA, CSBA, CBTS, BCA, Business Broker
President, Sunbelt Business Brokers Inc., Chair of the National Aquatics Institute.
Business Valuation Canada Inc.

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