Marketers who want to improve their social media efforts but don’t have a ton of time may be interested in what Lyndsi Stafford, founder and CEO of eLuminate Marketing, has to say.

Last week, she contacted Target Marketing with eight social media marketing tips that she says will take marketers less than five minutes to do.

Here are Stafford’s insights for marketers:

Keep Your Social Media Profiles Consistent

Maintain a similar look and feel from Facebook to LinkedIn and beyond. Messaging needs to feel consistent, too, she says.

“Your one-line bio on Instagram should match the same one line bio on Twitter,” she explains. “You don’t see Coca-Cola running around with a variety of logos. They spend millions to make sure you can recognize their logo, whether you’re in Nightmute, Ark. or Placenia, Belize. (Yes, both those places actually exist.)”

‘Just Keep Posting, Just Keep Posting’ – Digital Dory

This refers back to Stafford’s advice that marketing be consistent.

“We really encourage posting on a daily basis, if not weekly,” she says. “I can already hear you saying, ‘when does someone have time for this …’ One word: Hootsuite.”

Do the work all at once, then post it in several channels and schedule it to run throughout the week.

Publish Content That’s Specific to Your Audience

Keep it simple, she says.

“Start with topics you already know, like frequently asked questions,” Stafford suggests. “Do one FAQ each week, whether video or written (we will get to video later). I also suggest a website called BuzzSumo. They do a great job of gathering trending articles within any industry you look up. Lastly, check out what is trending on your Facebook News Feed and find a way to tie it into your company.”

Create Google Alerts

“This one will take under one minute,” Stafford says. “You’re welcome.”

She says to follow these steps:

  • Go
  • Type in your business name, your name and keywords
  • Google will send you an email either daily or weekly, based on your preferences
  • Another option

Request Customer Reviews

“Draft up a ‘review email’ that you can copy and paste to all completed jobs (pending you [knowing] they are happy with your product or service) and send [it] to the customer,” Stafford says. “Include a few options on where they can leave the review and links on how to get there.”

Update Your Google+ Page

“This is huge when someone is looking for your business online,” she says. “Make sure your website, address and hours are all up-to-date. You can also upload pictures of your store, products and employees. The more the better.”

Video Is HUGE

“The single most important strategy in content marketing today is video,” Stafford states. Good news, it doesn’t have to be a big production to be successful.”

She says even cell phone video can be popular if it’s funny, shares useful information or is otherwise relevant to consumers.

For instance on Wednesday, Target Marketing editors put the video pitch meeting on Facebook Live.

Put That Logo on Everything

Is it Bring Your Cat to Work Day? Put the brand logo on any shared pictures or videos.

“By placing your logo on your content, people are becoming more familiar with your brand,” Stafford says.

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