These are inteded to get you started.

First Cycle:

January 1st establish your plan, where do you want to go this year with your company? Not only for the financial side but also for the results of your work. Do you want to make acquisitions this year? Do you need to liquidate this year? Do you have enough or too much staff? Many people want to lose weight during this period, is it a perfect time to do some lean thinking for your company also? Prospect your clientele for the next business cycle, it can be a quiet time for some businesses as temperatures are not that good.

Second Cycle:

April 1st means strong seasons are on the way. Be prepared for blooming your business. This is my personal preference because the temperature is starting to warm up, the days are getting longer, and people may be in the mood to SPEND SPEND SPEND! Pay close attention not to act impulsive decisions or acquisitions during this period because you will feel just like the others: A perfect time to hit the road and meet clients, a perfect time to apply new changes in your company.

Third Cycle:

July 1st (preferably end of June) The most risky season for all businesses. Be prepared, It’s the warmest season of all, school is finished and vacations will start, construction and many businesses may take time off. Make sure that the vacation time is set with your team and your office so that they will be able to sell and respond to clients all summer long. It’s always fun to take some time off as an entrepreneur that work 70 hours a week, but one bad cycle could be costly.  Make sure you have responded to all your clients, collected most of your aging accounts before clients leave for vacation. Unpaid bills during summertime can be crucial to your business. Make sure you have set and redirected your email if you plan on taking time off.

Fourth Cycle:

September 1st, vacations are over and it’s back to work. Now it’s time to close the deals that have been in the pipline! It’s a period where people love to network, to reconnect and refocus on their business. Between September and December can be considered crunch time for your business.  It’s that time of year to get the proposals in, sign the contracts and move business forward.  As the days start to get shorter and the weather gets colder, It’s easy to feel a little overwhelmed or wanting to give up.  But don’t, remember that Christmas is just around the corner and it’s a time to celebrate with family and friends and yes, ring in the New Year!

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