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It’s no secret that video marketing is a powerful way for brands to tell their stories, raise awareness and generate leads. However, the promotional capacity of video is just the tip of the iceberg; it’s also a highly effective way to convert those leads into sales.

Did you know studies reveal that more than 70 percent of businesses find improvements in their conversion rates when they utilize video marketing?  This statistic shouldn’t be surprising, though. Compared to traditional text ads, video is a much easier to digest for the human brain.

A 30-second clip can easily convey concepts that would otherwise require paragraph upon paragraph of words. In addition, video allows for this information to be presented in a more entertaining fashion.

Establish Your Differentiating Factor

When a lead arrives on your doorstep, he or she is likely deliberating between your offering and several others. Further studies show a majority of modern consumers conduct thorough online research in order to better understand which products best suit their needs. They’re reading reviews, comparing prices, and yes, they’re watching videos.

That’s why it’s so important to create videos that inform and nurture the leads you’ve already attracted to your brand. A short video that demonstrates your product in action while highlighting its features will elicit a stronger emotional response than a static ad that relies only on text, photographs, and diagrams.

Using humour in your video ads can provoke an emotional reaction — happiness and laughter.

Further, videos that show leads why your product will help them overcome specific pain points can also play a key role in driving sales. Taking this route will show potential clients that your brand truly understands who they are, what they want, and why they’re shopping around for solutions. Companies across the globe are struggling to effectively segment their sales leads, so by creating a promotional video that focused solely on this pain point, showing how its product helps clients overcome it.

There are countless ways to convert leads into clients through video content. Regardless of the message you choose to broadcast, here are three key ingredients that should go into each piece of content:

1. A Captivating Thumbnail

You won’t always be able to rely upon auto play. More often than not, consumers will have to feel compelled to click the “play” button.  Your thumbnail is the only thing your audience is guaranteed to see, so it should be captivating. Do yourself a favor: Don’t randomly select a still frame from the video; pick a strategic image that draws in consumers and teases what the video will cover.

2. An Engaging Call to Action

After your thumbnail attracts viewers, an interesting, authentic story will keep them watching, and a compelling CTA will help convert them into clients. Your call to action can be an invitation to subscribe to emails, a hyperlink that sends viewers to additional information, or a request to share the video on social media. All told, you need to ask for this action to occur; otherwise, it won’t.

A call to action is most commonly placed at the end of a video, but this isn’t a hard and fast rule. Feel free to place yours wherever you decide it will be most effective, but be sure to test which CTAs best convert prospects into leads to confirm your theory.

3. High Video Production Quality

Marketing videos are one of the clearest reflections of your brand. A low-quality piece of content will paint you as a low-quality brand. Your best bet is to invest in the highest production quality you can reasonably afford.

A beautiful, well-concocted video will certainly turn leads into sales, but a subpar video will have the opposite effect. According to research, viewers are 62 percent more to see the brand publishing that video in a negative light. In fact, almost a quarter of consumers surveyed would be reluctant to purchase from a brand that produced and distributed a shoddy video.

If your video’s sound is inaudible or distorted in any way, online viewers will bounce right away from it. If you can’t afford to enter into a partnership with a professional video production company, at least make good on your investment in your video by purchasing decent equipment. For less than $30, for example, you can find an inexpensive, quality microphone on Amazon.com.

Instead of hoping leads drip down through the sales funnel on their own, you’ll get the most conversions by guiding them there through video content.

From highlighting your product’s functionality to showcasing your superiority over the competition, a well-constructed video can help you generate buzz, seal the deal and bring home the bacon.

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