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You had a great sales interaction: Both you and the prospect were calm and comfortable. You developed some rapport and the prospect showed some positive buying signals during the meeting. However, when you presented your proposal it seems as though everything became silent, time began to slow down and tension filled the air as you anxiously waited for the prospect’s decision.

Below are three powerful closing questions that will ease the tension and help you maintain the flow of your sales interaction as you begin to ask for the order.

  1. “Does that make sense?”

    This question is simple and helps the prospect understand that what you have just proposed is, at worst, reasonable. You are not asking, “Do we have a deal?” You are simply asking the buyer if what you have presented thus far makes sense. Example:“So, Susan, we are talking about three cases of our classic style blades and we will pick up the shipping cost, and as I mentioned, I am including a full year of maintenance at no charge. So, this gives you an entire year of worry free operation for only $2,675. Does that make sense?”From there, simply assume the sale or address whatever issue the prospect feels does not make sense.

  2. “Is that fair enough?”

    This second question is perfect for the customer who loves to negotiate. You know some prospects are going to insist on a lower price or higher value no matter what you first propose. This question considers this without challenging the prospect.“So, this gives you an entire year of worry free operation for only $2,675. Is that fair enough, Susan?”

  3. ”More in the future…OK?”

    With this question, you want to point to the future of your business with the customer. The proposal on the table is but a stepping-stone to a broad and long-term mutually beneficial relationship. “So, this gives you an entire year of worry free operation for only $2,675. This will get us started Susan,
    and take care of your immediate needs. Then, after a few months we can begin to look at a plan to outfit your whole plant–OK?”The bridge from “hello” to “thank you for your business,” should be smooth.

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