Think Your Way To Success

The business world, and especially sales, depends heavily on how you can picture yourself, the entire firm and its customers. Positive and negative thoughts and feelings play a major role in your performance.

Those who negatively spin facts are just adding to the challenge in front of them. In contrast, those who choose to look at facts positively are far likelier to see opportunities that others do not.

Take a look at these examples:

  • The Reality: You are up against a major, established firm.
  • Negative Spin: “Why would anyone want to deal with an unknown, small firm?”
  • Result: You approach too cautiously and with a defeatist attitude and get rejected.
  • Positive Spin: “We can think outside the box and wow our clients.”
  • Result: Your presentation is very impressive and they take a leap of faith in your firm. We are not talking about different situations in these examples. These are the same circumstances, only with a different outlook in each case:
  • The Reality: You are a quiet person among loud individuals.
  • Negative Spin: “Because I am quiet, no one is going to listen to me.”
  • Result: You resent everyone for not giving you enough attention or importance.
  • Positive Spin: “My caution in speaking my opinion gives my words more weight.”
  • Result: When you have something important and relevant to say, you are not afraid to speak your mind.
  • The Reality: There was a target in front of you, but you did not meet it.
  • Negative Spin: Anger, frustration and a lot of swearing!
  • Result: Everyone in the office is aware of your grumpy mood.
  • Positive Spin: “I will learn from this mistake and do better in the future.”
  • Result: You work on a plan for the future or focus on your other projects.
  • The Reality: You have a very small team with a lot of work to complete.
  • Negative Spin: “There is no way we can possibly finish this assignment!”


  • Result: You have already created a roadmap for your eventual failure.
  • Positive Spin: “We each get more control on the final product.”
  • Result: By working together and maximizing your strengths, you find a way to achieve your goals.
  • The Reality: You have never sold to a top executive before.
  • Negative Spin: “I am nobody. Why would a CEO listen to what I have to say?”
  • Result: You are too shy and timid to offer real ideas and advice to a CEO when they ask you something.
  • Positive Spin: “I have a unique point of view that anyone can benefit from.”
  • Result: Something you say resonates with your CEO and they pay more attention to your ideas in the future.
  • The Reality: An angry customer swears at you and slams the phone.
  • Negative Spin: “I am terrible at my job. I will never succeed here.”
  • Result: Your miserable demeanor and negativity has an impact on your future phone calls.
  • Positive Spin: “Thank goodness. Now I can focus on everyone else!”
  • Result: You take it on the chin and speak to the next client with a positive attitude.
  • The Reality: Your firm cannot lower prices as much as the competition.
  • Negative Spin: “It is too hard to sell someone that is more expensive than their product.”
  • Result: You are nervous and anxious about customer objections.
  • Positive Spin: “We will show the value in our product to justify this price.”
  • Result: Customers know why you are charging more.

I think you understand the scenarios by now. Most importantly, there is a way to carry this positive thinking with you wherever you are working.

  1. Think about the way you are interpreting situations and change your attitude.
  2. Whenever you are upset by something at work, write down your reaction and think of a way you can handle it better in the future.
  3. Get rid of any negative statements. Write them down and scratch them out. This is a symbolic way to tell yourself that negativity cannot be tolerated in the business world.

This is not an overnight process. It will take you time to get out of bad habits. However, we cannot break these habits if we do not start the process and keep working at it every day.


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