First of all, pop-ups work. If email marketers want to grow their lists organically, chances are, they will use pop-up forms. Then what else is there?

So the No. 1 idea is, full disclosure, an option that can grow our list organically.

“Pop-ups work. The purpose of a popup is to provide a very strong call-to-action. This action might be an announcement or sale you want to the visitor to know about, but more often than not, it’s to collect email addresses. Test after test has proven that popups work extremely well. In one test, popups drove 1,375 percent more email captures vs. a sidebar opt-in form.”

  • Facebook Call to Action Buttons.On brand pages, the call to action button can say “Sign Up.” An gives marketers advice on what else they can urge consumers to do on Facebook, including sharing content and more.
  • Add a Button on the Site.Name it “Subscribe” or “Sign Up” or whatever an A/B test shows works best. “Most email marketing software offers some form of a button for their users.”
  • Comment Form Opt-in Boxes.Publishers can let site visitors who comment on content also agree to opt-in to email marketing, just below the comment and before comment submission, says Campaign Monitor.
  • Be Old-Fashioned and Ask In-Person.When marketers see customers face-to-face, they can ask them for their email addresses. Retailers do this all of the time in stores, says Campaign Monitor.
  • Ask During Conversion or as Visitors Finish.During the buying process, marketers can ask for email addresses so visitors don’t have to type in the same information when they come back again, or so that they can learn about deals. If the visit doesn’t involve spending money, marketers can ask for email addresses after site viewers consume content, for instance, “They’ve just finished reading or watching your site’s content,” “and they’re feeling good about you. You’re not interrupting their browsing, and you catch them just before they’re out the door. These types of popup plugins have been shown to increase your site’s subscription conversion rates by five to 10 times.”

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