By Sergey Poltev,

In business, we often have complimentary products and services, especially in IT. We need computers, software, internet, email and data-backup, the list can go on. While you can buy these things individually, and sometimes this can be worthwhile, you often can save money and time by buying a bundle that meets your needs.

At home, I use a service bundle from my local internet provider that includes phone, internet, TV service and home monitoring. The biggest benefit I find is I can call one number if and when I need any help with any of these services, which saves me time. I take this thinking and apply it to my business – I try to save my clients’ time and money by providing them with bundles that fit their needs, featuring a single bill and point of contact, allowing me to offer better pricing and a higher level of service.

As your company grows, it can become inefficient to buy products and services individually. The benefits of bundling, streamlining your services and purchasing needs, can make your business much more efficient.

This is something all businesses need to ask – What is the cost of buying products and services individually? Could you save by bundling, especially if you have one vendor you trust? If you find a bundle has the things you need, and few or none of the things you don’t, consider what you could save from using these packages.

Sergey Poltev is an IT Solutions Expert for Small & Medium Businesses and an author of upcoming book “The Seven Deadly Computer Sins”. You can reach Sergey by email at

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