7 Ways to win more business in quick time

When you are looking for any edge to get more sales, take a look at the following seven hacks. These will help you get better results in the here and now! Each is very powerful, but by combining these hacks you will get an even better outcome.

  1. Sync Contacts to your Cellphone

It is fairly normal to find yourself outside a client’s office with a few minutes to spare. If you sync your contact list to your cellphone, instead of keeping it on your computer, you can increase your productivity by calling people between meetings. Even if you think you will not get much done in an extra 20 minutes in between meetings, this time can add up during the week and give you an hour or two of extra networking while you are on the go. Use a contact system that automatically syncs your contacts from your desktop interface to your smartphone address book.

  1. Never Leave a Meeting without a Commitment for Future Talks

Even if you have not received a clear answer from a client after the end of a meeting, make sure you schedule another meeting. Things will move a lot faster if you refuse to leave an interaction with a client until you have arranged a follow up meeting or conversation. Even if your client is busy, you can have them open up their calendar and give you their next available time slot. Not only does this save you time that is spent calling and trying to connect with the client, but it ensures the entire process will move a lot smoother.

  1. Find the Person you Need to Speak with in a Prospect’s Company

It is very important that you do not focus your networking efforts on the wrong people within a company. If you are provided contact information for an individual in a company, and you are told this person is the decision maker, it is a good idea to confirm this info. You can confirm the information by asking the person directly, or you can leave them a “hint” in the conversation. For example, you could leave a voice mail saying “I believe I am speaking with the person responsible for this sector/industry/decision, but if you are not that person then please provide me with the contact information of the relevant individual.” This may seem a little forced, but it helps avoid misunderstandings.

  1. Leave a Message Regarding a Call Back

If you cannot get in touch with someone, but have an opportunity to leave them a voice mail, you must provide them with information about when you will attempt to call them again. Clients are used to getting plenty of calls from salespeople, which means they will ignore your voice mail if you do not mention reconnecting. But if you say “I am sorry we did not get a chance to connect, but I will call you back tomorrow at 2PM,” they are more likely to take notice the next time you give them a call.

  1. Provide a Risk-Free Sales Call Value Proposition

If you are attempting to connect with a busy client, simply telling them you are a salesperson is not going to get their attention. Most clients are contacted by salespeople all the time. they do not have time to go into lengthy conversations with a salesperson about their business. But if you contact them and immediately provide a value proposition, they are far more likely to take your seriously. For example, you can call a client and say something along these lines: “I would like to share a few insights with you that everyone in your industry or business should know. Even if we do not conduct any business together, I feel it is important to share these insights with you.” As long as you can deliver on this promise, the client will sit up and take notice.

  1. Get Low-Level Commitments to Start Things Off

Trying to get a major meeting with a client before you have ever engaged in any communication is a tough sel. Clients do not want to waste an hour of their time. But if you ask for a small commitment, such as 20 minutes right before or after lunch, you may have a lot more luck booking appointments. Also make it clear that you are thankful to the client for taking time out of their busy schedule to talk with you about this matter. As long as you are providing value to the client in those first 20-30 minutes you meet or talk with them over the phone, you will have the opportunity to book more meetings. But if they find you are wasting their time, you will not get a second opportunity.

  1. Block Time for Important Things

It is understandable that you may find yourself extremely busy during the week, especially if you are trying to connect with new clients on a regular basis. But it is still important to set aside time to complete important tasks. For example, you will want to set aside time every week to look for prospects. You also want a set time every week where you make follow up phone calls or send emails to clients and prospects. Block some time to write thank-you notes. And make sure you are putting away your phone or other communication devices during these blocks of time. When you set aside time to complete a particular task, you must focus on that task. This will not only ensure you stay focused, but it will improve your productivity.

Each of these seven sales hacks is easily incorporated into your routine. While you may find it difficult at first, incorporating these hacks into your daily routine will be second nature after one or two weeks. And the positive impact of these hacks is enormous, especially if you incorporate all of them into your professional lifestyle.

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